- Ma & Pa Program

MArriage & PArenting Program

Strengthening the Couple Relationship Through
an Exploration of Parenting Attitudes and Skills 

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The MA & PA Program 

MA & PA, as the program is affectionately called, focuses on strengthening the couple relationship (married or unmarried) through a shared exploration of parenting attitudes and skills. This 10-week curriculum utilizes some of the most effective approaches from The Nurturing Father's Program to create a series of couple's dialogues.  With the addition of new relationship building activities, spouses/partners learn about themselves and each other, while creating a shared vision for family life. The weekly group experiential activities, and the Home Activities in the MA & PA Journal, help each couple to develop the attitudes and skills for successful family formation. [more]
(Available in Spanish Fall 09)

What parents say about the program:

"The lessons that I have learned in this class are precious to me and I am blessed just to be here.  Lesson(s) of this class are lesson(s) that we would be able to take with us in life and pass it on to our children."

Wife and mother, Head Start Program

"Should be offered to couples planning to be married.  Every married couple should consider it (The MArriage and PArenting Program)."

Wife and mother, Baptist Church

[more testimonials]

Oct. 12-15, 2015 - Nurturing Fathers and MArriage & PArenting Consultant/Trainer Workshop

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