- Ma & Pa Program

MArriage & PArenting Program

Strengthening the Couple Relationship Through
an Exploration of Parenting Attitudes and Skills 

About the MA & PA Program...

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Mark Perlman, MA
Author of the MA & PA program

Mark has 35 years of experience working with parents, children and families in strengthening the family bond. He authored The Nurturing Father’s Program, a 13-week parenting curriculum for men that has been utilized by thousands of fathers and implemented by organizations such as Prevent Child Abuse, Head Start, Milwaukee Fatherhood Initiative, North Carolina Department of Corrections, State of Michigan… Mark also authored the MArrage & PArenting Program (MA&PA) that helps couples parent successfully as a team. He is the past Executive Director of the Family Counseling Center, The Child Protection Center and Fathers United Network (FUN) of Sarasota, Florida. He has served on the Florida Commission on Responsible Fatherhood, Commission on Marriage and Family Support, and currently on the Governor’s Child Abuse Prevention and Permanency Council. Mark is the proud married father of 2 grown sons.

Available in Spanish

MA & PA Program activities include:

  1. Becoming a Couple/a Parent
  2. Roots of Marriage and Parenting
  3. Family Leadership
  4. Sharing Power
  5. Feelings: The Spice of  Relationships
  6. Discipline and Teamwork
  7. Communication, Resolving Conflicts
  8. Family Life Schedule
  9. Family Fun

"MA & PA Program materials include:

  1. 2 easy-to-use Facilitator Manuals
  2. 20 MA & PA Journals (workbooks)
  3. Posters (educational aids)
  4. Forms (confidentiality, evaluation, Certificates of Completion)

MA and PA Testimonials:

"The lessons that I have learned in this class are precious to me and I am blessed just to be here.  Lesson(s) of this class are lesson(s) that we would be able to take with us in life and pass it on to our children."

Wife and mother, Head Start Program

"Should be offered to couples planning to be married.  Every married couple should consider it."

Wife and mother, Baptist Church

"I really enjoyed this program.  It has been a blessing."

Wife and mother, Baptist Church

"If you are ever in a pickle and don't know what to do, talk to MA&PA counselors and take the class. It will help, that is if you want the help!!"

 Married father of 14, 7, 5 year olds

"I have really enjoyed the class. Learning different ways to handle all the different situations. This class is one of the best classes I have taken."

Married mother of 7 and 5 year olds

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